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Contest and comment/article requirments:

Prize amounts and items posted here…..



You have to  signed in with Facebook. This is so that we can show other contestants that we are giving it out to random people. This will also help prevent someone signing in under different names to win multiple prizes.

You must allow us to post on your page stating that you won. If we can’t do this then we will give prize to next best comment or article. Can delete comment after 30 days if you so choose.

What are we looking for?

  • Must be at least somewhat sports related according to our criteria. Other than that, there is no specific set you have to have. We could pick anything of our choosing. We perfer to pick people that are using the site more, but its possible that we could pic someone that has only used the site once. We feel we prefer to pick something that makes a great point. But for instance, we might pick a long written well thought out argument or a one sentence statement that we thought made a great point. We might also pick something non relative, non-argumentative, but something that was informative or fun. So no set rules to length or subject matter. We might pick a comment or article with a lot of likes or comments, or we might pick one with very few to 0 comments or likes.

With that said there are some stuff that we don’t want…..

  • No name calling a person. Remember the point is to attack their argument and not the person. So we might let you get by with being slightly derogatory towards their argument, but the more derogatory that you are the less likely we are to consider your point of view. Also keep it clean. No cursing or such.

For the funniest article or comment contest:

  • The same criteria above applies. Also, funniest comment is of our choosing.

For both contests:

  • Prize amounts may vary from contest to contest.
  • Must have a deliverable U.S. address for us to send prize to.
  • Contest winners have 2 months to cash check. Once check is cashed or 2 months is up we will consider contestant paid regardless of situation.

For all comments and articles:

  • If we find a comment or article that we don’t like. We reserve the right to delete any article or comment of our choosing whether you are in the contest or not.
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